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During Webster’s OE through Asia and beyond, he developed a hankering for loose leaf tea, soaking up the brew and everything about it.

When he returned to New Zealand the tea situation slapped him like a wet tea bag to the face – Kiwis had settled for tasteless, bagged dust as tea. Somewhere along the way we became too busy and convenience sucked the goodness out of our brew.

Determined to redeem NZ’s cuppa, Webster’s blends use quality organic ingredients for loose leaf tea that look, smell, and taste ridiculously good.

Available in : English BreakFast ,   Chai (Black),   Peppermint,   Turmeric, Vanilla Rooibos,


  • Perfect one-cup infuser. Loose leaf tea made easy. It’s durable, stylish and fits into almost any mug. This beauty keeps small tea leaves in place, while allowing larger teas plenty of room to expand. Enjoy our organic loose leaf teas to the max with the perfect infuser. 

-Stainless steel fine mesh infuser

  • ENGLISH BREAKFAST is made from a killer balance of organic teas from the Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon growing regions of India and Sri lanka. Malty, flavourful and full-bodied

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENT: Black Tea. Contains mid level caffeine.

    Net weight: 110g (approx 50 cups)


  • VANILLA ROOIBOS starts with naturally sweet rooibos from the Western Cape of South Africa, complimented by the finest bourbon vanilla. The result? A perfectly balanced cup that’s equal parts rich and creamy.             

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Rooibos tea, natural flavour, marigold petals, bourbon vanilla bits. Contains no caffeine.                      Net weight: 110g (approx 50 cups)
  • TURMERIC, known as ‘the King of Spice’, is a golden root that has been hailed
 as an Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This royal herb has been blended with earthy spices for a warming anti-inflammatory cuppa.  CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Ginger pieces, liquorice root, cinnamon pieces, lemon grass, whole cardamom pods, turmeric, nutmeg flowers. Contains no caffeine.
Net weight: 140g (approx 50 cups)

  • PEPPERMINT   A super herb said to stimulate creativity and enhance your dreams is combined with lemon myrtle and lemon grass to create a natural burst of flavour that is Webster’s Peppermint.

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, spearmint, hibiscus, lemon myrtle, lemon grass. Contains no caffeine.

    Net weight: 60g (approx 50 cups)


  • CHAI     In India, spiced chai tea is a big part of everyday life. Starting with an organic full-bodied black tea our blend combines a variety warm spices that any chai wallah would be proud to serve. Harmonious and balanced.

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Black Tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom seed, cloves, fennel, black pepper, liquorice, natural cinnamon flavour. Contains mid level caffeine.

    Net weight 110g (approx 50 cups)


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