Hexton Bee Company

My husband and I took up beekeeping as a hobby over 3 years ago but it soon became much more than a hobby and possibly almost an obsession!!
As beekeepers, we have a great respect for these beautiful creatures and the way they work seamlessly with nature to produce totally natural products. 
Our love story grew as we discovered more and more ways we could incorporate these products into our lives and more importantly, use them to replace the use of toxins and chemicals that are found in so many areas. We like to see our work as a collaboration with our bees to create amazing products that will truly make a difference.

We particularly love beeswax because of its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. 
When used in candles, the flame emits negative ions that are known to clean the air, purifying it of dust, odours, pollens, toxins & mould as well as elevating your mood. So not only are these candles so much better than its toxic alternatives, it also helps to remove other toxins from our environment. Beeswax is also naturally scented by the nectar from many different flowers that are visited by the bees giving off a subtle honey aroma. 

We are committed to sustainability. As beekeepers ourselves, we know exactly where our beeswax has come from. We maintain full control over our products, right from the beehives themselves, through the extraction process and then the manufacturing & dispatch of all of our products. 

Our beehives are all based around Gisborne, Tairawhiti on the East Coast of New Zealand. Tairāwhiti means “the coast upon which the sun shines across the water” and is so fitting as Gisborne is also the first city to see the dawn of each new day. Our bees get the advantage of this as well as the vastly untouched coastline and rugged environment.

Our family values are reflected in all of our work as we seek to improve our own lives and those of others through what nature has provided.

Our Mission

To improve quality of life through collaborating with nature to create amazing products that truly make a difference.