Brand info - Eco Saint

Eco Saint produce bags have been specifically designed for produce storage. A universal design, that will retain moisture for leafy greens, yet not trap the natural process of ethylene release in produce.

When produce is harvested it releases a gas called ethylene. which gets trapped in plastic bags, with no air circulation. When the produce can no longer breathe, due to the gas, it begins to sweat and so begins the spoiling process. By allowing the gas to release you can increase your produce life span.

For leafy greens which need a bit of moisture, by dampening the bag,  gases are still released while water vapor is held in. The moisture keeps the greens crisper and fresher longer.

With multiple bags you can separate fruits and vegetables that are sensitive to ethylene gas, like strawberries, away from the ethylene producers (eg apples &pears) . Separation from each other will also help to slow down premature spoiling