Straw Cleaner Brush - Vegan Plant based bristle cactus

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Our drinking straw cleaners are made from Agave Fiber and steel – a completely plastic-free alternative to conventional nylon straw cleaning brushes.

After the Agave Fibers become wet, the fibers become more flexible, allowing them to be used for cleaning drinking straws of virtually any diameter.

Long-lasting and durable, these Agave Fiber Drinking Straw Cleaners will be a great addition to your zero-waste lifestyle toolkit.

The agave plant is so abundant in the south of India that inhabitants of this area use it for virtually everything from food to clothing to rope. Our straw cleaners are made responsibly in India using sustainable harvesting methods.

you can use and use until it is time to compost, simple snip/pluck bristles into the compost bin, or potted plant or under a turf of lawn and recycle the steel, unless of course you can think of an alternative.



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