Soap Holder - Block Dock

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The Block Dock - Wide with Mirror finish

With the Block Dock it’s easy to give up the bottle and switch to bars…for everything!

Bars dry faster and last longer, stay solid (no mush!) and easy handle (no slip-sliding!). There’s no soggy soap and scummy dish to contend with. Just and always hard bar that’s a pleasure to use.

The Wide-fit Block Dock vertical soap dish suits bars up to 4cm in depth (the shortest side of any bar) and fits all shapes, sizes and brands of bars. It is useful for bars with all kinds of functions, so don’t just think soap and shampoo! Especially big or heavy bars may be best cut to suit, but all of the usual day-to-day bars will comfortably fit. You’ll be able to use your bars until their very end! Less waste!

Made well in New Zealand from aluminium, this hardwearing storage solution will deliver years of soap-saving. Whichever brand of bar you buy and for whatever purpose, the Block Dock makes using it better.

Stand your bar at the front of the Dock for maximum stability when new. Let it lean to the back with use

The Block Dock’s minimalist styling means multiples comfortably coexist in your spaces. It’s designed to help you move to bars for everything you reasonably can, thus saving an enormous amount of plastic waste in your lifetime. And it makes it easily possible for everyone to have their own bars – you’re no longer stuck with a single soap dish in the shower.

This is one buy that brings a whole lot of better!


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