Scarf - Neck Warmer
Scarf - Neck Warmer

Scarf - Neck Warmer

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All Wool, Luxuriously soft merino lined Boundry Scarf.

Made in Christchurch, each scarf is put together beautifully from repurposed fabric. 

Snippet Scarves are artfully created into a single continuous piece 


The Story
Snippet, aka Nicola Baird, lover of innovative design, salvaged treasure and all things fibre. 
Becoming a designer of repurposed materials was a decision I made in 2011. By then I'd had my 3 fabulous children and my true awareness of waste started weighing heavily on me. I started working in fabric instead of paint and  found I enjoyed seeing my artwork on bodies more than walls. From a young age I loved piecing found objects together to create a new narrative and my work with Snippet is very much in line with that. It has been a real journey in sustainability and isimmensly rewarding as a designer. I adhere to slow fashion principles meaning I'm always striving for lasting designs in quality, ethically sourced natural fabrics that wont have a negative impact on our environment. 
My work has been influenced by a few other key things, I had a fabulous crafty Nana, then years studying graphics and gaining a BFA in painting followed by time teaching in Asia. Snippet for me feels like everthing is finally in balance and I'm thoughroughly enjoying the direction I'm taking it.