Safety Razor Open Comb - Muhle R41 Grande or R41 Twist

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There'll be no more clogged blades thanks to this Open Comb Safety Razor.


There are many safety razors out there, but the most important thing is to stop using plastic disposals and make a new shaving habit, these will last you a lifetime!


Unscrew the razor head as you would on a standard closed comb double edge.
R41 Grande is a 3 piece razor whereby you replace the blade by unscrewing the handle at the neck.
R41 Twist is a two piece and slightly heavier  (10 g), fitting the razor by unscrewing at the base mechanism



Open Comb razors are great for shaving longer stubble. The Open comb design means shaved bristles and foam slide away under the blade, rather than clogging it up. This makes for a closer, more comfortable shave - just what you want
  • Tooth-comb safety razor – classic blade
  • Handles made of metal with chrome-plated metal highlights

The Material - Chrome

 The material is corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre. 


The Razorhead - Tooth-comb razor

The safety razor with open tooth comb was developed specially for practised wet shavers. Due to the principle of its construction, which features a special blade angle, the model allows a vigorous, very direct shaving technique.

As on safety razors with closed combs, the blade is held in place by the curvature of the cap. The combination of open tooth comb and a gap behind the foam edge ensures that the edge is kept free of stubble and residues. This innovative design also makes subsequent cleaning easier.

The shaving result is dependent on the factors beard growth, the density and length of the beard hair, and how these interact with the blade and safety razor. Some will achieve optimal results with a very sharp blade, while others can profit more from gentler blades.

When shaving, the safety razor should at first be drawn across the skin without applying any pressure at all. Shaving with the grain is often sufficient and renders a second shave in the opposite direction unnecessary. The skin should be stretched taut at all times.
The safety razor with its toothed foam edge is predestined for men with a denser, stronger beard growth or for those who prefer to sport three-day stubble. 

Precision metal workmanship and finely etched designs these are very high quality razors. 

Made in Germany

Dimensions: Grande 41 mm x 107 mm  

Weight: 90 g

Some will achieve optimal results with a Feather blade, while others can profit more from gentler blades such as Derby, Merkur or Personna. 


  • Made in Germany
  • Comes with instructions and one blade.
  • Extremely fine engraved finish
  • Makes a great gift

MÜHLE razor blades 

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