Produce Bag Eco Saint

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Never "need" a plastic bag again for your produce or bulk buying. 

  • Ethically made in India
  • 100% cotton
Available in three sizes


  1. Small - Perfect for daily fruit, take to work, fill it with coffee beans, nuts and grains. ​
  2. Medium - Ideal for fruit and the greens you need to keep crisp. Just dampen before popping in the produce that needs humidity to stay fresh
  3. Large - The largest bag in the Eco Saint range and is made from a heavier weight cotton than the med and small. It is ideally suited for heavier produce such as kumara, pumpkin, onions.


​​Measurements - L30 x 40 cm      M25 x 30 cm      S20 x 25 cm

Tare weight -Large - 84gm .  Medium - 38gm .  Small - -26gm

The technical hows and whys behind the Eco Saint Bag

Care: Cold wash, by hand or in the machine and leave to air dry. It is not necessary to wash each rotation, but use common sense to keep them clean so mould doesn't prosper 


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