Nail brush - Rose Wood

Nail brush - Rose Wood

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This is a premium quality nail brush crafted from rosewood and benefiting from real boar hair bristles.
The bristles are stiff meaning this brush will make light work of the dirtiest of hands and nails.

Rosewood is a very hard wood, as such this brush will last many years if looked after (see 'How To Use' below).

The handle is shaped in such a way to deliver a secure, firm grip when being used.

Perfectly sized for travel and home use. The size of this brush lends itself to travel as it will fit very comfortably into a washbag. Equally good for home bathroom and kitchen use.

100% Rosewood and natural  boar bristle

Total width: 80mm
Depth: 23mm
Bristle working length: 70mm

Rinse after each use. When needed wash the bristles in warm, soapy water and allow to air dry naturally with the bristles facing down.

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