Toilet brush

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  1. Beechwood Mixed vege bristles  Ø80mm,  36 cm total length
  2. Beechwood Mixed vege bristles (tampico/coconut) Ø80mm, 33.5cm total length
  3. Eco Max Coconut fibre 43cm x 9cm. Timber handle, coconut fiber and glavenised wire

Toilet brushes really aren't a nice thing are they? This wooden and fibre brush makes a good go of it. 

Beechwood FSC wood with union fibre. A rustic and attractive alternative to conventional toilet brushes.


Back scratcher or toilet brush, the choice is yours.. although i don't recommend dual use.    Eco Max brushes are manufactured in Sri Lanka using fair trade principals. All the brushes are bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and handmade from 100% natural organic materials.

Coconut Fibre - a naturally anti-bacterial waste product from the husk of coconuts

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