ayurvedic Kansa wand, bronze cap head for massage of face or feet set on tapered sheesham wooden handle

Kansa Wand

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  • Deeply relaxes and detoxifies the body; strengthens the nerves as per Ayurveda
  • Handy and aesthetic tool with hand carved wooden handle for better grip and handling
  • Seasoned Wood with Bronze contact Capping - pure bronze (lead-free alloy of copper and tin)
  • Copper is beneficial for eyes, hair and heart, Tin helps in balancing digestion and sleep patterns
  • Use with massage oil of your choice – lightweight, easy to carry – makes for an elegant gift

    Cap diameter 4.5 cm

    handle grip length :9cm

    total item length 12.5 cm

    Massage is an important part of Ayurvedic Treatment. It improves circulation, expels the toxins and deeply relaxes the body. It also opens the blocked energy channels to improve body’s healing mechanism. The bronze foot massager is designed to provide all the possible benefits of massage. It is made from bronze and hand carved wooden handle. Bronze is an alloy composed of copper and tin and has unique properties; highly resistant to corrosion, lustrous, light and good conductor of heat. Copper provides many health benefits such as proper growth, reduced symptoms of arthritis, balanced heart beat and thyroid glands. Tin is also found useful in insomnia, headaches and digestion. The hand carved wooden handle of the massage assists in effective massage so better extraction of toxins from the body and helps you to use the massager on most of your body parts such as face, neck, back and shoulders unlike other massagers with limited utility.

    Easy to use: Smear some massage oil on the foot or any other area to be massaged then massage with the bronze massager.

    The oil may darken due to the effect of expelled toxins

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