Florist & Gardening knife

Florist & Gardening knife

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The Florist and Gardening knife is a proven knife as used by harvesting and agricultural industry for many decades. Fantastic for grafting, budding as well as clean harvesting of material.


The blade is hand ground and fine glazed by hand. It is made of carbon steel, so although it retains sharpness it should be oiled after use. The handle is made of Beech wood, with a hole at the end to loop leather or rope through.


Glassine insert with information and care instructions included.


Still being made by hand since 1872.


Made in Germany by Windmuehlenmesser

Handle: Copper beech wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Surface: carbon
Blade length: fine-glazed
Blade: ca. 46 mm / 1,75 inches
Overall length: 170 mm

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