Facial cleansing bar

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Opt for a plastic free, zero-waste face cleanser that comes in a bar. 

Ph balanced, non-soap based formulation.

There is no water in this formulation so this little bar is packed with concentrated skin-loving, naturally derived and effective ingredients to give your face a thorough yet gentle cleanse without leaving it stripped of moisture which leaves it dry and taut. 

The natural clays in these bars are effective yet gentle on the skin to draw out impurities lifting dirt and grime from the pores.  We have added some natural plant based additives to help calm and soothe the skin. 

Suitable for daily use morning and evening. 


Pink clay (infused with organic Rose Geranium essential oil) - an ideal clay for all skin types and for young or mature skin, this clay is beautifully luxurious to use.

Green clay (infused with organice peppermint and lime essential oils) - ideal clay to use on oily-prone skin, effective detox and deep cleansing properties.


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