Drink bottle - Yogi style

Drink bottle - Yogi style

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  • Single walled stainless drink bottles
  • 750ml
  • Silicone no leak ring
  • No plastic hidden in the lid

Five different symbols

  1. Flower of creation - universal symbol of sacred geometry,  reveals the interconnectedness of all creation
  2. Solar flower of persepolis - open yourself up to devine intervention.  Embrace your creative genius and become transcendent with the universe
  3. Padamasana "Awakening Energy" - Rooted in muddy waters symbolizing our attachments and desires, the lotus 's unfolding petals will expand your soul, and support a pure bodyind and spirit
  4. Aum -  allow Aum to enter your life, healing all separation and awakening the oneness within you
  5. Siddhartha - sat under a bodhi tree, he, who was born a prince, abandoned the conditioned world in search of enlightenment. Experiencing affluence, poverty and love, he came to know himself and the universe. 

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