Cotton buds 200s -bamboo Organy-C

Cotton buds 200s -bamboo Organy-C

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Bamboo cotton swabs 

Pack of 200

These cotton buds are made with zero plastic, and are 100% compostable, which makes us very happy

  • The bud heads are made from 100% organic cotton, which is ethically sourced and fully certified by Eco Cert.
  • The bud sticks are made of paper.
  • The packaging is made from cardboard, and the biodegradable plastic pane is made from vegetable starch.

Before recycling the cardboard box, please remove the the biodegradable plastic window from the box, and throw the window either into your compost, your garden waste bin, or your normal dustbin. Please DO NOT THROW the plastic window into your recycling.

The Cotton buds are made of paper & cotton, so will biodegrade naturally in your compost, or eventually in landfill.

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