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  • MyCup™ Menstrual Cup Size 0 is:
  • Perfect for first time cup users aged 12-18 years – And if you think a smaller cup might suit your body then age is no restriction!
  • Suitable for people who may use smaller sized tampons. This is not a strict rule though and due to varied body types we suggest you contact us if you are unsure.
  • MyCup™ NZ Made Menstrual Cup Size 1 is:
  • Perfect for first time cup users – in fact we recommend this cup to people of all ages as because of its slightly larger size compared to other smaller cups on the market. If you are unsure we totally recommend this cup if you have never used a cup before!
  • Suitable for women who have a lower cervix (second knuckle) quick guide at the bottom of page
  • Suitable for people who use small and/or regular tampons (and may use super tampons for their first couple of days of their periods. This is not a strict rule though 😊 
  • MyCup™ Menstrual Cup Size 2 is:
  • Suitable for people who use super tampons for the majority of days during their period.
  • Suitable for people find that their current large cup is not large enough;.
  • This cup is designed bigger than most larger sized menstrual cups. 
  • This cup is not recommended for first time cup users. We suggest you buy a MyCup size 1


Size  0 Size 1 Size 2
capacity to breathing holes 16.5 ml 23 ml 31 ml
Capcity to rim 16.5 ml 29 ml 40 ml
Length inc stem 22 ml 72 mm 67 mm
Length Cup 62 mm 44.5 mm 51 mm
Length stem 17.5 mm 27.5 mm 16 mm
width/diameter 38 mm 42 mm 46 mm


MyCup promise 

"For Every MyCup™ Menstrual Cup you buy  MyCup™ will donate one to someone in our NZ Community"

Your MyCup™ comes in a beautiful box made from responsibly sourced cardboard, printed in vegetable inks. Included is an organic cotton storage bag and instructions for use printed on recycled paper.

When designing MyCup™ We took in consideration the ergonomics of a vagina, its shape and how it would hold a cup in place. A vagina is a tube so we based our cup design on straight walls, just like a vagina. This way there is no possibility of a MyCup™ “tipping” over as it hugs the walls of the vagina and stays in place. We made the base of the cup flatter so that the cup sat snugly at the base of the vagina, without poking out. These two design factors have enabled us to create more space within the cup, increasing the volume of fluid collection and creating a more stable cup placement.

MyCup™ Menstrual Cup is considered a firmer style cup, the silicone will soften as it warms up inside your body. At first it can appear to be a bit larger than most cups but we have found that once you get the hang of inserting this cup you will find it will be one of the most comfortable cups you have ever used. Please check our cups folds page for more information on how to insert your cup.

The base of the cup has our leaf design imprinted on the silicone to help with removal of the cup. This provides a lightly “grippy” surface to help with removal of the cup if you prefer to pinch the base of the cup to remove.

The stem has been designed smaller and the pearl-like increments make it easy to trim. Once trimmed the cup retains its aesthetics and remains comfortable with no sharp edges. The stem is shorter, rounder and you will be less aware of its presence.

Our design and production team have worked tirelessly to bring this exceptional cup to the people of New Zealand. We are so proud to be able to manufacture this cup locally in our hometown of Christchurch.


The MyCup website has some excellent information available for those wanting to try but unsure of all the facts and aspects that suit them. Click here



Position of Your Cervix

The position of your cervix can help you decide which menstrual cup to use. It can also help you to decide if you need more than one Menstrual cup for different stages of your menstruation. Some women find that one cup suits for all days, other women find they need a shorter cup for days when their cervix is low and another cup for days their cervix is high.

The quick middle finger rule can help you decide the position of your cervix.

This rule requires you to use your middle finger and to see how many knuckles can be inserted before reaching the cervix. The cervix feels like the end of your nose, but little more squishy!

  • Low Cervix: You are able to insert your finger up to the first knuckle before you touch your cervix.
  • Medium Cervix: You are able to insert your finger to the second knuckle of your finger.
  • High Cervix: You will be able to insert your entire finger up to your cervix.

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