Cheese and Salami knife Windmuehlenmesser

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Our Cheese and Salami Knife is made from hard stainless steel (with a carbon content) and is taper ground - the unique method that brings its very thin, sharp edge.

The offset handle gives you excellent leverage for slicing, and keeps your knuckles from hitting the cutting board.


But like all good knives, never put this in the dishwasher and a few other points; do not use on hard surfaces, do not lever, turning movements or rocking, to ensure the fine blade is kept in fantastic shape.

With sharpening, you only need 2-3 passes on a stone, not the usual 10 or more on a cheaper knife. Handle is Cherrywood.


The knives have effortless cutting ability of Japanese knives, but our German Knives have all the features we love in a blade: an ergonomic, well-balanced  handles complements a Japanese-inspired blade without the thick bolster and wide profile that make a Western knife feel unwieldy. 

The blades are ground with a specialized oscillating jig that creates a convex surface, the most durable grind, and finished with a microbevel to improve the high-carbon steel’s already impressive edge longevity. These methods have been developed over generations by Windmühlenmesser in Solingen, which is immediately apparent by the masterful fit and finish. 


Glassine insert with information and care instructions included.


Still being made by hand since 1872.

Handle: Cherry wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Surface: stainless
Blade length: blue-glazed
Blade: ca. 104 mm / 4 inches
Overall length: ca. 225 mm

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