Bottle Brush

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A bottle brush that is made of natural materials is so much more durable than the synthetic, and even more pleasing to use.

On a wire stem, this hangs after use.
White cotton wool top at the end gets to the tip vase or bottle and the sides operate like a mini car wash!

 Natural britles means there is no memory, nor do they hold oils like plastics do. Vegan option of tampico in the 45mm diameter

All work well for an internal scrub.

I recommend the cotton top ones for things like milk bottles, where there is a build up.

Made in Germany.
Cotton and Wool top:

20mm: 32cm long, 2 cm wide, head 11cm, cotton top

45mm: 31 cm long, 4.5cm wide, brush head length 11 cm tampico bristles

50mm:  48cm long, 5 cm wide, brush head 15 cm, cotton top

55mm wide: 40cm long, , brush head length15 cm (no cotton top) Large Wooden handle:

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