The Still Room

A most truly credible brand, "The Still Room" is the brain child of Tina Dion, she is an Advanced Dermal Therapist, Herbalist and ... Aromatherapist..

Tina specialises in holistic skin solutions

 “Your skin is a living organ, and just like you would feed your body with the right ingredients, so too do we look to feed your skin with the right nutritional building blocks. It doesnt stop there though, after much research we came to understand that the key to resolving skin problems comes from within. This is when I decided to go holistic and look not only at what we eat, but where our foods come from and why our bodies are reacting more now than ever”

– Tina Dion, Founder of The Still Room

Based in Karangahake Gorge, Hauraki New Zealand, they grow their own herbs and plant botanicals.

Currently working towards organic certification and nutrient dense gardening practices.