Wool Dryer Balls - 100% NZ Wool
Wool Dryer Balls - 100% NZ Wool
Wool Dryer Balls - 100% NZ Wool

Wool Dryer Balls - 100% NZ Wool

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Sheepish Design 100% wool dryer balls


Add three dryer balls to your tumble dryer to significantly reduce drying time & save on energy costs. SHEEP-ish dryer balls absorb moisture & separate laundry allowing hot air to circulate more freely. Not only will your laundry dry faster, wool dryer balls reduce static & naturally soften fabric. Place on the windowsill to air-dry between loads.

Can also be a great way to add a tiny amount of essential oil to your laundry, a drop or two, allow to absorb fully and Viola, scented laundry.



The most efficient way to dry your washing is on an outdoor washing line (in the shade for delicates, in fact long periods in direct sunlight is damaging to all textiles to a certain degree)

If you use a clothes dryer, you can make sure you’re getting the best out of it by:

  • choosing a dryer with a high Energy Rating 
  • cleaning your lint filter after every load
  • wiping the drum with white vinegar or stainless steel cleaner every few months to keep the sensor in good working order
  • emptying the water reservoir in condenser and heat pump dryers after every load (or better yet plumbing it directly into a drain)
  • if you’ve got a vented dryer, making sure the vent is clear of dust or debris.