Loofah Soap Pad - 100% Egyptian Loofa

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 A very versatile Loofa Pad

Can be either used to cleanse and exfoliate the face, the body or even the bath.

Softens over time to give the face a gentle "buff".

Wonderful as a soap keeper, as it still allows the soap to dry (unless you leave it saturated) and catches any soap "gunk" which can then be used.

 12.5 x 8.5 cm

There are two types of loofah, Egyptian Loofah and Asian Loofah, and there is a clear difference between the two types in terms of texture and flexibility. The Loofah grown in Asia result in a softer fiber, non-water resistant, less resilient with a poor exfoliating power. But the Egyptian loofah gives a very resistant fiber. When wet, the fiber become flexible and soft. It allows a very gentle contact on the skin while providing a very efficient exfoliation that lasts longer. For the following reasons the Egyptian loofah is highly recommended and used by estheticians, in the SPAs, body care and health centers.

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