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Maxwell & McIntyre's Strawberry Toothpaste harnesses the fantastic qualities of organic coconut oil and natural strawberry to make this great toothpaste with your littlies in mind. It is an 100% natural, good-for-them product that will leave your child's mouth and teeth truly clean. 

Our Strawberry Toothpaste is just like our Coconut Oil Toothpaste, except with a natural strawberry twist that wee ones love! It is non-foaming and more subtle in flavour compared to conventional toothpastes because Maxwell & McIntyre's does not contain foaming agents, artificial sweeteners and other nasty chemicals. Yay!  

Each pot contains months of brushing sessions making your purchase very good value for money.


  • organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil significantly reduces plaque and acts as a natural cleansing agent for the teeth and gums
  • baking soda is a very mild abrasive, helping in cleaning teeth, neutralizing acids in plaque, and freshens breath
  • natural colour and flavour from real strawberries 
  • xylitol is a plant derived sweetener which has been proven to reduce the formation of dental caries
  • calcium carbonate gives the paste a creamy texture, acts as a mild abrasive and introduces calcium to the body and saliva


Use a soft toothbrush and no water with your strawberry toothpaste, take your time brushing, then rinse with warm water. Mmm