Laundry Soap by Farm Folly

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'Washing Day' range for families everywhere.

Vanishing Act or Laundry Lover.  Soaps made with natural, chemical free ingredients are great for hand-washing or soaking stained and dirty laundry.

While looking after your hands and your baby’s delicate skin at the same time. 


Like a magician in the wash room, this bar is set to perform the Vanishing Act on stains and odors across the nation. Marvelous natural ingredients, like lavender herbal water and coconut oil takes care of dirt and stains, while lavender and eucalyptus essential oils are our natural deodorisers. We’ve really pulled one out of the hat with this incredibly bubbly laundry soap!

For a longer lasting lather, store me on a well-drained soap tray to dry between use.

Ingredients: Soaponified oil of coconut, herbal water (water, lavender), essential oils of (lavender and eucalyptus).


Finally - an effective laundry soap for sensitive skin.

Laundry lover-to-be you’ll fall bra over knickers for this natural laundry soap. We use mild ingredients like lavender herbal water and coconut oil to banish blotches without irritating sensitive skin. One wash and you’ll be hooked with this soap that'll leave your laundry clean and fresh. 

For a longer lasting lather, store me on a well-drained Soap Palletto dry between use.

Soaponified oil of coconut, herbal water(water, lavender).

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